Human Rights Defenders

Since 2008 we have hosted 76 visiting human rights defenders from across the world.  Their work covers civil and political rights as well as social, economic and cultural rights.

The defenders visiting us in 2018-2019 are …

  • Anara, Kazakhstan - Human rights lawyering

  • Andrei, Belarus - Anti death penalty campaigning

  • Hui Hui, Singapore - Socio-economic rights

  • Emel, Turkey - Youth and Land Rights

  • M, Egypt - Minority rights

  • Johncation, Uganda - Youth and land rights

  • Wanjeri, Kenya - Human rights campaigning

  • Prosper, Zimbabwe - Socio-economic rights

    • Read more about their work here.

Hear some of our former defenders tell their stories about risk and repression, and why taking time out from difficult working environments benefits their activism in the long run, in this short film by Sanna Eriksson and Emilie Flower.