ARTS + ACTIVISM [an exhibition]

20 January - 5 February 2018

King's Manor ~ York Explore ~ Pica Studios

Many of us are content to exist in the world as it is , but some people are inspired to change it or urgently need to.  How does it actually feel to navigate the risks of fighting for justice, equality and liberty in today's world? and how can we imagine new ways of doing this?

Drawing from the research of the University of York's Centre for Applied Human Rights, this multi media exhibition of work from international and UK based artists immerses its audience in the experience of defending human rights.



An exhibition celebrating 10 years of the Centre for Applied Human Rights' Protective Fellowship Scheme.



This installation draws attention to the collaborative and hidden worlds of the political risk takers, rebels and idealists among us.



A collection of art pieces inspired by 16 verbatim poems arranged from interview transcripts from the research project 'Navigating Risk, Managing Security, and Receiving Support'.



A display inspired by the Creative Alternatives research project which explores how arts-based techniques can allow us to explore alternative visions for the future.