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HRD Hub Research Workshop

5 October: Research and collaboration

  • To share and discuss a selection of current research projects highlighting some key challenges in research and the impact of the current climate of shrinking space for HRDs and civil society upon our work and HRDs.
  • To discuss overcoming challenges to research collaboration – both within the network of academics/practitioners etc. and amongst HRDs and HRDs networks.

6 October: Overcoming challenges: Dissemination and impact  

  • To examine new ways of dissemination to ensure research findings and methodology reach HRDs and the wider community.
  • To develop and discuss in small groups ideas for creating the maximum impact from research – both in terms of creating change on the ground and supporting HRDs.
  • To showcase cutting edge research related to funding an effective human rights movement – enabling discussion with authors of research and refinement of potential funding solutions.
Earlier Event: February 19
HRD Hub Workshop