Policy Brief

The Human Rights Defender Hub at CAHR has started a Policy Brief Series, aimed at highlighting key issues that human rights defenders at risk face as they engage in their practice.

Wellbeing, Risk, and Human Rights Practice

The first policy brief, entitled Wellbeing, Risk, and Human Rights Practice, Human Rights Defender Policy Brief 1 (PDF , 214kb), draws upon research conducted with defenders at risk in Colombia, Mexico, Kenya, Egypt, and Indonesia. Written by Dr Alice Nah, it notes that defenders often find it difficult to talk about their mental and emotional wellbeing, even when they are concerned about it. Expectations about risk and sacrifice in human rights work and culturally-mediated understandings about 'wellbeing' shape the way defenders engage with this aspect of personal security.

This policy brief encourages policy-makers, practitioners, and human rights defenders to develop spaces for self-reflection on individual and collective wellbeing, and to develop and support tactics and strategies for wellbeing.

More of these 'thematic' Policy Briefs are planned and will be translated into Arabic, Kiswahili, Spanish, and Bahasa Indonesia.  In addition, we will also have 5 country-specific Policy Briefs which will be translated into the language relevant for the country. 

More information on this research project will be made available on the Security of Defenders Project website.